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Together, we can heal and grow.

When you support the Women's Center, you:

  • Cultivate programming that addresses the heart of women's struggles.
    With your support, women in crisis find comfort and compassion when calling our helpline or coming in to talk with a volunteer. Survivors of violence and abuse begin to heal through our many free support groups. Women access our Computer Lab to search for housing and employment. Homeless women find community and encouragement while participating in support groups and classes, talking with supportive volunteers about the issues they face, cooking a warm, nutritious meal in our kitchen, learning to use our computer and Internet resources, and getting help in locating resources. Women support and assist each other by facilitating groups, sharing their stories, and working for social justice.

  • Create community.
    At the Center, we promote community building that encourages women to realize their power. We provide programs and services that connect women with others who are coping with similar issues. Women validate each other and develop a stronger understanding of the root causes of the problems that they face. They move from self-blame to self-respect, and ultimately to action.

  • Inspire women with hope and encouragement that a new way is possible.
    The Women's Center is a lifeline for countless women. A support group, a Helpline call, access to a computer and the internet, or a simple "Hello, how are you today" can change someone's life. The Center is often the first place where women are able to obtain resources and support for the multiple struggles they face. When women enter the Women's Center seeking a particular resource, they often find that our other programs also address their needs.

  • The impact of your donation is profound. Please join us with a generous tax-deductible donation to the Women's Center. Your contribution strengthens women and the community.

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