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To thank you for your donation of $125 or more, you will receive a free poster from the Women Activist Series by Betsy Warrior. These gorgeous and unique posters have been exhibited at local galleries and are a powerful tribute to women’s international activism. They make wonderful gifts for yourself or others. Choose any of the seven full-color, 20x16 inch matted Women Activist posters listed here, or choose Night Irises (18x14 inches) for a gift of $80 or over.

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Women Activist Poster Series 2002 - Present Most Wanted

Work on this series of posters began in 2002 with the portrait of Susan B. Anthony. After beginning the Anthony poster I realized that these digital drawings could be an effective way of bringing attention and appreciation to the lives of these little known, but influential activists. Through this form of portraiture design I am able to pay tribute to their lives, motivations and actions. As I further researched the lives of these audacious women I choose to honor, my respect for them deepened. Through tragedy and heartbreak, triumphs and failures, their striving for a better world was never extinguished.

In the hope of increasing geographic awareness of the single, small, vulnerable planet we all must share, I include a map of origin in most of the portraits I design and I draw my subjects from a wide geographic range. The vivid colors possible with digital art gives the various elements of the composition a vibrancy, which joins the faces, text, maps and background together to create a harmonious whole.

While some of the women I depict have died after years of struggle to make the world a better place without achieving their goals, their lives were not in vain. Indeed, they shine through the fog of patriarchy as examples of integrity, of holding fast to one's goals without succumbing to material inducements or the empty comfort of facile acceptance. Others are still engaged in an effort to attain their goals.

Susan B. Anthony fought her whole life to gain the vote for women as well as to abolish slavery and for other human rights. While she did live to see the abolition of slavery and African American men gain the vote, she died before women were allowed to vote. Her attempt to vote (on the grounds she was a tax-paying citizen) ended in arrest and imprisonment. Despite the opprobrium of her abolitionist colleagues, she hid abused women and children and declaimed, "I welcome all infamous women…I will take by the hand every prostitute I can find who seeks to escape the inequalities of the law which places all womanhood at the mercy of manhood." Today, Anthony would probably be fighting human trafficking.

Aung San Suu Kyi continues to live, imprisoned under house arrest since she was democratically elected President of Burma in May of 1990. During these years she's endured loneliness, sickness, seeing her closest comrades killed, her children grow up without her and her husband die. Still, she holds fast to her dream of democracy for her country, long crushed under a corrupt military dictatorship kept afloat with funding and arms by the global gas corporation Unocal, which also mentored Hamid Karzai, the present U.S. installed head of Afghanistan.

Taslima Nasrin has been a person without a country for many years. A fatwah (bounty) was placed on her head for speaking out against human rights abuses. She fled Bangladesh and is threatened with being stoned to death if she returns to her homeland. See her poster for her own words.

Other of the women in this series have also struggled, been imprisoned or suffered in various ways in behalf of their ideals and their dedication to a kinder world. They are among a legion of others, dead and living, whose indomitable spirits we may never know.

~ Betsy Warrior

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