The Women's Center works for women's rights. While tremendous strides have been made since the early 1970's for some groups of women in the United States, other groups of women continue to experience extreme vulnerability, demeaning gender-based stereotypes, and gender-based poverty. In addition, the gains made by even the most privileged women are constantly threatened by right-wing conservatives.

The intersection of race, class and gender oppression is directly correlated to how vulnerable women are to poverty and homelessness. During the 1990's, state and national policy makers utilized race, class and gender stereotypes to pass regressive and punitive welfare 'reform' initiatives. In turn, those rules have had a direct impact on:
  1. women's reproductive freedom;
  2. the poverty level of single parent families; and
  3. the amount of 'work' that single mothers are expected to do, without any guarantee of moving out of poverty.
The Women's Center promotes and supports public policy initiatives designed to:
  • Value women;
  • Value (both socially and economically) the work that women have traditionally done;
  • Eliminate gender-based poverty;
  • Broaden women's educational and work options;
  • Protect women's health;
  • Protect and broaden women's reproductive choices.

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